Aviation Services
As a leading private company in ultra-light aviation industry in Iran, grounded in 2011 and commissioned in 2013, by having a proprietary and exclusive airport named Boland Parvaz (Ivankay), considered the nearest airport to metropolitan Tehran. Its specific design in an area of roughly 50,000 square meters and a quality runway of approximately 1,200 meters in length, made it a prime choice for ultra-light flights. Along its remarkable facilities and aviation related infrastructures, it also has exclusive privilege of sales and after-sales services of the prominent European manufactured airplanes and gyroplanes as well as has capacity of providing training, recreational, tourism services.
Business Services of Boland Prvaz Khavar include:
- Maintenance services of ultra-light aircrafts
- Supplying spare parts of all type of gyroplane and ultra-light airplanes
- Transport
- Aerial imaging
- Aerial Corps pesticide spraying
- Cruising
- Providing aerial services to organizations like fire fighter enterprise, aerial aids and other institutions and organizations
Training and Recreational services include:
- Local or inter-city ultra-light aircrafts flights
- Gyroplane flights
- Ultra-light aircrafts pilot training
- Gyroplane pilot training
- Powered hang gliding pilot training
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