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RAFA ( Rahbaran Foulad Aria ) Group as a proprietary holding group comprising of active subsidiaries or on-going projects on the verge of installation and commissioning in steelmaking industries, mining, aviation and commercial, by setting up a rebar and wire rolling mill plant in 1994 began existing and making name with aim of entrepreneurship, job creation and association in development and upgrading of Iran’s local industries as well as knowledgeable and productive team.
Today, after 22 years of uninterrupted and concerted activities and measures, whilst providing appropriate infrastructure, on the base of intelligent and regular planning besides taking advantage of cutting-edge knowledge and recruiting workforce of remarkable and related expertise, RAFA group owns seven active subsidiary companies and 850 direct Personel on its payroll at the moment.
By hefty investments, Value Chain of this group makes his way from upstream sectors such as steelmaking and mining industries in Semnan, Kerman and Yazd pivotal provinces down to downstream sectors including structural rebar and coil production and processed mineral products by leaving no stone unturned.

Subsidiary companies in the aforementioned Value Chain include:

- Three billet production plants
- Five mineral complexes in three different geographic location of Iran for exploitation and supplying of mineral materials
- One hot rolling mill plant for rebar and wire production
- One aviation complex with a proprietary airport for providing recreational, touristic, training, social and commercial services
- One commercial company with aim of accomplishing local and foreign trading affaires
Pioneering planning procedures and strategic management and surveillance affaires on subsidiary companies are conduced by established departments in holding group headquarter, departments such as planning, strategic management, finance and budgeting, commercial, Engineering and Projects.

Introducing RAFA Group

By heavily relying on its founders’ experience as well as the capabilities and capacities of its experts, this group still keeps track of continual improvement, development and concerns uplifting its approach and achievements and at the moment is studying and investigating in state-of-the-art technological industries and knowledge, those which we will be witnessing them in years to come.

Asia Iron Melting
Foolad Saman Yazd complex
Arman Asia Iron Melting
Madanjooyan Foolad Aria
Boland Parvaz Khavar
Rayehe Mehr Aria Charity

Products and Services of Subsidiaries

Rebar And Wire

Arman Asia Iron Melting

Steel Billet

Asia Iron Melting , Foolad Saman Yazd complex

Aviation Services

Boland Parvaz Khavar

Mining and processing of minerals

Madanjooyan Foolad Aria Co

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